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Comcast Created Trip Hazard


Yesterday, Comcast came out to install services at my next door neighbour’s home. But instead of using the utility access that was directly behind their home, they decided to create these nice trip hazards on my property instead. I complain a LOT about Comcast. Here is there latest bumbling:

Comcast Trip Hazard 1

Comcast Trip Hazard 2

Comcast Trip Hazard 3Comcast Trip Hazard 4

My 3 year old great niece is visiting from out-of-town next week, I do NOT want this there. And I do NOT want a rake over job either.

I have contacted Comcast this morning (as usual they were less than enthusiastic to help) and I have also Contacted the Arizona Corporation Commission who will send a request to them to fix this. But they have no regulatory power. Sheesh.

Update for May 6, 2015

Comcast Guy

This fellow, Manny shows up at my front door (without any prior contact) shortly after 9 am while I was shaving, to inspect the cable. Having done so, he informed me that they would have someone out to re-locate the cable. After a brief telephone call he made, he later told me someone would be out today to take care of this. Well that of course, never happened.

After Manny’s visit, I posted this sign:


If they just bury the cable, the gives Comcast an implied easement to utilise my property. Nope they must do things properly, and re-locate, and bury the cable.

I called around him around 3:15 pm to get an update, and he wasn’t sure how busy the actual person was, but it would not be today. Well we know that much is true.

About 4:30 pm, Theresa from Comcast ( (888) 966-7794 ext 3014455 ) called me to reach out and get an update. I told her that Manny had been by earlier and that I do not have any information. I gave her Manny’s contact information, and that was that.

I sent information to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department (report # T15000232) regarding the trip hazard, but they rejected it. At least I tried.

I also contacted the Drexel Heights Fire District. They did respond.


They will have one of the Battalion Chiefs come out tomorrow to take a look around for themselves. As I told them, this could prove to be fatal to firemen in the event of a fire — because it is an unknown trip hazard that really involves 3 properties.

I’ll keep you updated.



Comcast’s blazing Internet Speed (NOT!)



I was recently forced into a $100 cable modem upgrade from docsis 2 to docsis 3 modem, because Comcast apparently never told anyone that they had ended support for Docsis 2 modems. (Why they couldn’t email all their existing Docsis 2 modem users and tell them, is beyond me).

When I called to activate the new modem, the agent told me that I could get a promotional price for 1 year, of a speed at 100 mbps for an additional $5/month. Okay. I’ll give it a try. I had been without internet service for 4 days while I hunted down where to find the new Docsis 3 modem. I asked the agent for 4 days credit since I was completely down. The person said they would credit my account. ($1.67/day x 4 days = $6.68. How much do you want to bet that doesn’t happen?)

I waited. The upgrade NEVER happened. I called a second time, and the agent said that the work order was never submitted, and that she would take care of that for me. Thank you!

I waited again. And of course you can guess. Upgrade never happened. I called a 3rd and final time to cancel the upgrade, and go back to the performance starter with 7 meg down and 1 meg up for $50/month (unbundled. I am over-the-air with Mythtv because the cost of cable tv is too high, and you have to use their set top boxes. Can you say, ouch?)

Once again, Comcast’s offshore tech support, proved to be inept at handling a simple customer request. (Which would have actually made them more money).

You can understand my stance on the proposed merger of Time Warner Cable and Comcast. They seem intent on discovering new lows in the customer service (they are NOT mutually exclusive) arena.

At a minimum Comcast could do the following:

1. When an order is placed, the customer is given a customer order number to reference.

2. An email copy of the order is sent to the customer.

3. On the day the service is to be performed, the customer is notified via email. If the order is NOT completed on time, the Customer should contact Customer Service with the order number, and ask for a status update.

4. Once the order is completed, the Customer is notified via email, that the order is now complete. Any further questions or comments, should be directed to Customer Service.

5. In the event the order is NOT completed on time, then appropriate action to expedite order completion is taken by Customer Service.

None of these suggestions will ever see the light of day, but it would vastly improve the Comcast Customer Service image, and at least give a semblance of a we can help attitude, rather than: “How sad. Too bad. Now leave us alone” attitude that seems to permeate Comcast’s Customer Experience.

Share your Customer Service experiences with the Federal Communications Commission on Proceeding 14-57 (TWC/Comcast Merger)



Comcast’s weird routing from Pima County to Facebook


Only Comcast —

Instead of taking a short 21 mile hop from San Jose, California, to Menlo Park, California — Comcast does this:

Goes from San Jose, California to Dallas, Texas. 1700 miles.

Then it goes from Dallas, Texas to Marietta, Ga. Another almost 800 miles.

Then it goes from Marietta, Georgia, finally back to Facebook in Menlo Park, 2450 miles.

In order for Comcast to make that 21 mile trip up the road, they take a 4900 mile detour. Unbelievable. Welcome to Comcast.

nwayno@maggie:~$ traceroute facebook.com
traceroute to facebook.com (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 Wiggum ( 0.766 ms 1.489 ms 1.723 ms
2 * * *
3 * * *
4 te-0-1-1-0-ar02.pimaco.az.pima.comcast.net ( 14.324 ms 14.540 ms 14.600 ms
5 he-0-3-0-0-10-cr01.sanjose.ca.ibone.comcast.net ( 46.638 ms 46.843 ms 46.913 ms
6 be-11315-cr01.dallas.tx.ibone.comcast.net ( 52.584 ms 45.716 ms 53.614 ms
7 be-11213-cr01.56marietta.ga.ibone.comcast.net ( 71.292 ms 68.320 ms 68.191 ms
8 he-0-11-0-1-pe04.56marietta.ga.ibone.comcast.net ( 65.796 ms 65.441 ms 65.505 ms
9 as32934-1-c.56marietta.ga.ibone.comcast.net ( 68.866 ms 67.147 ms 67.117 ms
10 ae2.bb01.atl1.tfbnw.net ( 65.548 ms 65.420 ms ae2.bb02.atl1.tfbnw.net ( 67.759 ms
11 ae16.bb04.frc3.tfbnw.net ( 72.204 ms ae15.bb04.frc3.tfbnw.net ( 76.782 ms 75.143 ms
12 ae2.dr09.frc3.tfbnw.net ( 70.846 ms ae1.dr09.frc3.tfbnw.net ( 127.898 ms 124.045 ms
13 * * *
14 * * *
15 * * *
16 edge-star-shv-12-frc3.facebook.com ( 75.695 ms 75.635 ms 72.918 ms

I knew Facebook had issues – Comcast just made it …? Well you tell me!(And all this time, I thought Facebook just suxed!)

I expect that the Customer Experience will only become obscenely more “quality challenged” if the merger with Time Warner is approved.


Dear Comcast — I am NOT an idiot


Dear Comcast:

Today I interacted via telephone with one of your offshore tech support agents, since I was unable to go online. customer.comcast.net was unable to tell me of any outages in my area. One of my online experiences was with a computer anyway since it failed the Turing test.

Your Customer Service mark would vastly improve if you would stop assuming that the customer is an idiot.

Routers have absolutely nothing to do with whether or not my modem is online. I do not need to go out and buy and new modem.

If the modem is offline — That is controlled by your equipment, NOT mine.




Comcast removes clear qam channels from their system


comcast channel scan


The nation’s largest cable tv provider, Comcast provided clear qam (or local channels in High Definition withOUT a cable box) over their cable system. Apparently, that has now come to an end.

A channel scan today yielded only 2 channels. Both Comcast info-mercial channels.

So if you were counting on tuners like the hdhomerun to tune and record cable channels, those days are ended.

Comcast could NOT be reached for comment.



HDhomerun3 Product Review



With the arrival of the Digital Age, Silicon Dust has a niche market: For those people who want to free themselves from cable bills, Silicon Dust created a digital tuner which can easily be added to a computer network, allowing you to have your own Personal Video Recorder. One of it’s unique features is that it is a networked appliance, so any device on the network (with the proper software) can watch videos from virtually anywhere on the planet with highspeed internet connection. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The product does come with an installation disc for the Windows operating system. I choose to use the free open source Mythtv for Linux. Mythtv installation can be frightening. I required assistance from my friend Mike M. in the Kansas City area.

The installation went with a few hiccups, but the real challenge was just ahead. Configuration. That is more art then science. It required more thaumaturging (magic wand waving) then I would have liked. The biggest issue was that when I did the channel scans, and then ran mythfilldatabase to update the logs. Nothing happened! It turns out that you need to add the xmltv id.(see highlighted red section — xmltv id is just and index into a database that contains the channel specific information. Zap2it is the easiest to use)


After that, I was watching tv for the first time! YaY!

All good things crashed last week. The digital tuner quit working. It would NOT tune any hidef channels, either over-the-air, or cable, even though my HDTV received them fine, either way.

The true mettle of a company is revealed when there are repair issues. The problems did not surface until day 31 of a 30 day return period. I am under the manufacturer’s 1 year warranty period now. What I found out…has been challenging. There is NO telephone number to call for Tech Support. It is all done by email via Fog Creek. Silicon Dust does NOT do their own Tech Support. It is done by a 3rd party vendor. Support is very slow, arduous and painful. You can expect 1 reply / day. It could take weeks to solve a simple problem. The embedded diagnostic software, that phones home is operating system dependent: requiring the user to have Windows. For Linux users, this requirement is un-acceptable. If a product is advertised as Linux compatible, then the diagnostic software should be available native to Linux, NOT Windows.

The email Tech Support, lack of native diagnostic software, the Windows requirement, and product reliability/durability gives this product 1.9 out of 5 rating. (C-)


Comcast live chat fails Turing Test


A Turing Test is used to distinguish whether or not I am you are talking to a machine or a human. If the responses would be generally considered that of what a real life person would give, then it is said, to have passed the Turing Test.

One of the first machine based artificial intelligence programmes was Eliza. It was primitive by today’s standards, but none-the-less was the first machine based AI programme I encountered in college.

This recent chat with Comcast would seem to indicate a Turing Test failure. To wit:

analyst Arthur has entered room

Arthur: Hello Wayno, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Arthur. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Wayno: My Issue: Life Line service

Arthur: I am here to provide you with excellent customer service today. Please be assured I will do my best to help you with your concern.

Arthur: Can you please elaborate your issue?

Wayno: hi arthur. I have a question about life line services.

Wayno: qualifications, cost mostly.

Arthur: I understand your concern is about life line services, am I correct?

Wayno: correct

Arthur: May I have 2 minutes to check on that?

Wayno: absolutely

Arthur: Thank you.

Arthur: Thank you for waiting, Wayno.

Arthur: XFINITY Voice service is compatible with personal emergency alert response systems provided by Philips Lifeline and Linear LLC. XFINITY Voice service doesn’t guarantee compatibility with other systems. To check compatibility, contact the agency that provided you with the personal emergency alert response system.

Wayno: no that does not answer my question. what are the qualifications and cost of life line service?

Arthur: Contact your alarm company before your XFINTITY Voice installation. Provide the date and time of your installation so the alarm company can check the status of your alarm on installation day. If your alarm system needs to be reactivated after XFINITY Voice is installed, you will not be compensated for the cost of reactivation.

Wayno: okay I am not talking to a human being.

Arthur: I am a live agent, Wayno.

Arthur: I just gave you the information about Life Line service. It is for free.

Arthur: You just need to have a Comcast phone service.

Wayno: how does contacting my alarm company have any thing to remotely do with lifeline?

Arthur: I can see here that you don’t have Comcast phone service.

Wayno: okay you failed the Turing Test.


Actually I was able to find the information on-line for lifeline phone eligibility.