How to enable Closed Captioning in Hulu Plus with Roku Box

March 3, 2011 by

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How to enable Closed Captioning in Hulu Plus on a Roku Box

It isn’t immediately obvious on just how to enable closed captioning content with Hulu Plus, on a Roku Box.

Let’s use the latest episode of House MD (Season 7 Episode 14 Recession Proof.)

You will only have about 2 seconds to do this, so MOVE quickly.

1. Once the episode is playing, hit the DOWN arrow.

2. A sub-menu will come up with: Stop / CC is OFF / Autoplay is OFF

3. Use the RIGHT arrow key to highlight: CC is OFF

4. Hit the OK button. CC is now turned on, and captioning information should display in the next few moments! This toggles off/on closed captioning.

Next on my list of things to figure out: How to do subscribing, and what does it gain me?

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  1. tami

    does this work with all channels. I honest didn’t think the Roku box had a captioning chip. We have MLB.TV that when we play through Roku is not cc but when we play the same game using the xbox 360 it is captioned. We tried talking with the Roku makers but they only say it the channel. I really been having trouble finding other channels with captions/subtitles other then Netflix. I love to be able to get the most of out of my roku and watch other things too….. Let me know.

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