What folder do you use to add music to a Samsung Restore?

September 16, 2011 by

No place on the internet, have I found the location to add your own music, to a Samsung Restore Cell Phone. Till now. While this is Linux oriented, the same location would be used in Windows.

It goes into the Downloads folder. (Yes. Spelled “Downloads” with a capital D!)

1. Copy your music from your source, to this folder. Yes you can have embedded folders. Mine is called: “The Moody Blues”

You can use nautilus to create the folder, or mkdir from the command line. In Windows, you would use the File Manager.

Virgin Mobile Music Folder

Virgin Mobile Music Folder Location

You will notice that my microsd is labelled WAYNOSVMFON. You can do this with gparted. Note that the microsd is formatted as vfat. Debian has some issues auto-mounting vfat partitions, so you may need to manually mount it.

sudo mount /dev/sdxx /mnt

where xx is the device name (hint: use sudo blkid to get that)

You will notice that when you use the media player, that a file in (yup, remember this is windows) is created called:

Virgin Mobile Music Key File

Virgin Mobile Music Key File


The file seems to contain some random 4 digit number.

You may also notice a folder called “music” That’s NOT where you put the music. BUT, you will find the file: playlist.mdb Yup, that’s a Microsoft Database file.

Oops! Added an SONG you no longer want? Want to make it disappear? Sort of easy. This is how you do it from the phone itself.

1. Select the LEFT Menu button.

2. Go to Tools and Settings.

3. Select Tools.

4. Mass Storage.

5. File Manager.

6. Memory Card

7. Downloads folder.

8. Open the Folder that your music is in, then the sub-folder within that contains the song you to delete, and finally the song. Nope it will NOT let you just delete the folder, if it contains files. You must delete the contents of the folder, one at a time.

9. Options Button (right button)

10. Delete

Enjoy your music!


2 Responses to What folder do you use to add music to a Samsung Restore?

  1. Wayno Post author

    I have moved onto an LG 701 android phone. I was bored one evening and explored this cell phone.

    They seem to have locked down the internal memory so it cannot be altered, even if the phone is rooted.

    Ran out of tricks to try. symbolic link (symlink) didn’t work either. Need to change device permissions.

    Oddly though, the ringtones on the LG 701 in

    are .ogg files. Weird! (That’s where it is on this android phone anyway)

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