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Comcast’s weird routing from Pima County to Facebook


Only Comcast —

Instead of taking a short 21 mile hop from San Jose, California, to Menlo Park, California — Comcast does this:

Goes from San Jose, California to Dallas, Texas. 1700 miles.

Then it goes from Dallas, Texas to Marietta, Ga. Another almost 800 miles.

Then it goes from Marietta, Georgia, finally back to Facebook in Menlo Park, 2450 miles.

In order for Comcast to make that 21 mile trip up the road, they take a 4900 mile detour. Unbelievable. Welcome to Comcast.

nwayno@maggie:~$ traceroute
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 Wiggum ( 0.766 ms 1.489 ms 1.723 ms
2 * * *
3 * * *
4 ( 14.324 ms 14.540 ms 14.600 ms
5 ( 46.638 ms 46.843 ms 46.913 ms
6 ( 52.584 ms 45.716 ms 53.614 ms
7 ( 71.292 ms 68.320 ms 68.191 ms
8 ( 65.796 ms 65.441 ms 65.505 ms
9 ( 68.866 ms 67.147 ms 67.117 ms
10 ( 65.548 ms 65.420 ms ( 67.759 ms
11 ( 72.204 ms ( 76.782 ms 75.143 ms
12 ( 70.846 ms ( 127.898 ms 124.045 ms
13 * * *
14 * * *
15 * * *
16 ( 75.695 ms 75.635 ms 72.918 ms

I knew Facebook had issues – Comcast just made it …? Well you tell me!(And all this time, I thought Facebook just suxed!)

I expect that the Customer Experience will only become obscenely more “quality challenged” if the merger with Time Warner is approved.


Dear Comcast — I am NOT an idiot


Dear Comcast:

Today I interacted via telephone with one of your offshore tech support agents, since I was unable to go online. was unable to tell me of any outages in my area. One of my online experiences was with a computer anyway since it failed the Turing test.

Your Customer Service mark would vastly improve if you would stop assuming that the customer is an idiot.

Routers have absolutely nothing to do with whether or not my modem is online. I do not need to go out and buy and new modem.

If the modem is offline — That is controlled by your equipment, NOT mine.




Comcast removes clear qam channels from their system


comcast channel scan


The nation’s largest cable tv provider, Comcast provided clear qam (or local channels in High Definition withOUT a cable box) over their cable system. Apparently, that has now come to an end.

A channel scan today yielded only 2 channels. Both Comcast info-mercial channels.

So if you were counting on tuners like the hdhomerun to tune and record cable channels, those days are ended.

Comcast could NOT be reached for comment.



Blessed Retirement, Joe



Today is a hallmark day for my friend Joe Sloan. It was his last day as a Unix System Administrator, at Toyota Motor Sales, in Torrance, Ca.

I have had the privilege of his friendship, guidance, prayers and mentoring. In about a month, I will start my 9th year with Linux, thanks primarily to the one man who stood tall: Joe Sloan. A lot of what I learned from Joe, is on this website.

As you enter into this new phase of your life, their will be challenges ahead. Thank you for your inspiration and the man of faith you are.

My Life at Toyota, Selsi Kato


We both worked for different car companies. Who knew?



Santa Claus Defeats (conquers) the Aliens


This has absolutely nothing to do with Linux.

He sends me cheesy movies! The worst he can find! (sha-la-la)

Knowing I have a penchant for uber quality challenged horrible films, my friend Eric sent this to me:
]Santa Claus Defeats the Martians
Santa Claus Defeats (conquers) the Aliens (Martians)

79 cents. Can not beat the price!

In case you missed this cinematic blunder, here’s the official trailer:

Thanks Eric!


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