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what is the userid and password needed to install Linux Mint?


Talk about a show stopper. This is a dandy one.

I downloaded the latest Linux Mint 32 Bit (cinnamon)

Burned the DVD image, and rebooted my computer, so I could test the DVD before I mailed it off to a friend. Everything went swell, but then it asked me for a username. Huh? What Linux distribution requires a username to do a fresh install? Well Linux Mint does. What the (multiple expletives deleted. And more multiple expletives deleted!) So, I had to boot back into Linux, schlepp around, to find out the

username for a Linux Mint install is: mint


The password? Just return through it. Who knew?

This certainly did NOT make any point with me today. Hope this helps someone else.

This pretty much expresses how I feel:

Fanta Sea