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Scan Every File (poem)


I was uber bored!

Scan Every File (to the tune of Climb Every Mountain from the “Sound of Music”)

Scan every file,
Search high and low,
Follow every highway,
Every path you know.

Scan every file,
Slow as it can go,
Follow every virus,
Till you finally know

A dream that will need
All the patience you can give,
Every day of your life
For as long as you live.

Scan every file,
slippin’ on the data stream,
Follow every virus,
Till you finally scream

A dream that will not end
cause there’s more virii then you need,
Every day of your life,
it will stop! make you bleed

Scan every file,
slippin’ on the data stream,
Follow every virus,
Till you finally scream.

by Wayno
September 18, 2012


A little nonsense….Survived the Zombie Apocalypse


I was a little bit-er about missing the Zombie Apocalypse.

(remember bits, nibbles, and bytes can hurt you!)

okay enough with the bad puns. Let’s try a limerick:

A computer once goofed quite badly.
It paired two programmers quite oddly.
When he’d bill and coo,
it was in Fortran-2.
Whereas she dug Algol,
quite sadly.
— anon

or —

Shift to the left!
Shift to the right!
Push down!
Pop up!
Byte! Byte! Byte!

I’d do haiku but brain already on overdrive.

Too much computing
an operating system
crashing sound

eh close.

I survived the zombie apocalypse. hope you did too.

“I’m im-mortal. So far!” — Dave Berry

So send your favourite limericks/poems/haiku here.

A wise man once said:

“A little nonsense
now and then,
is relished by
the wisest men.”

W. Wonka

working on an article on how to turn your Linux box, into a DNS (Domain Name System) Server.




Just for fun!

The link for doesn’t work so I copied it here:

In a previous article, we talked about enabling .bash_aliases. Now here’s some aliases you can use!

# LOL!!1
# additions to .bash_aliases for us lolcats lovers
alias wtf='dmesg'
alias onoz='cat /var/log/errors.log'
alias rtfm='man'
alias visible='echo'
alias invisible='cat'
alias moar='more'
alias icanhas='mkdir'
alias donotwant='rm'
alias dowant='cp'
alias gtfo='mv'
alias hai='cd'
alias plz='pwd'
alias inur='locate'
alias nomz='ps -aux'
alias nomnom='killall'
alias cya='reboot'
alias kthxbai='halt'