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How to fix audio cd in Linux (unable to open mrl)


When I tried to play an audio cd I recently got from the library in vlc, I got the error:

VLC is unable to open the MRL

And it told me to see the logs. So I tried dmesg, and niente. Nothing. Yeah that helps!

So I went into vlc tools/preferences/Audio and changed the output module to pulse audio output. So it looks like:

VLC Audio Output Options

Who knew?



Debian DVD with missing device drivers and non-free software installed


Let’s face it. Debian != Ubuntu. It can be difficult to configure. But this DVD may help!

Debian DVD

BOTH 32 and 64 BIT SYSTEMS on the DVD (under $5)

The main advantages to this DVD over this free ones you can at the Debian Site are:

1. Comes with the non-free software already on the dvd.

2. Comes with drivers you’d have to hunt up, like the atheros wireless driver.

Order it here

Thanks Joe!



Mounting an iso9660 iso file in Linux (ubuntu/debian)


In a previous article, I showed how to install the FBReader programme.

I download the April 2010 Dual Layer iso torrent from the Project Gutenberg Site.

I opened the torrent in Bit Tornado (Ubuntu 10.10 comes with this), and downloaded the iso. Took about 6.5 hours on a 3 meg connection. The file is a little over 8 gig.

Once I downloaded the file, I did:

sudo mount -t iso9660 pgdvd042010.iso /mnt -o loop

What does it mean?

the -t tells us the filetype is an iso9660 image (ready to burn to a cd/dvd). It uses the archaic Microsoft 8×3 (i.e. filename.ext) filename format, in all CAPITALS.

The pgdvd042010.iso is the name of the file we downloaded.

/mnt is the mount point.

-o loop tells Linux it is a loopback device. This allows us to mount the iso, so we can access the contents of the iso.

df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda3 50G 21G 26G 45% /
/dev/loop0 7.8G 7.8G 0 100% /mnt

It makes sense to mount the iso image (sorry Windows users), since not all computers have optical disc (cd/dvd) readers. My netbook does NOT have an optical disc, but I could put iso image file there, and access it. Look MA! No CD/DVD Burning required!

Navigate to /mnt (cd /mnt) and launch index.html in this case.

Project Gutenberg on Wayno's Machine

Thanks Joe and Terry



installing ubuntu-restricted-extras under wubi


From: Jose B 28 April at 01:49

When installing Linux on your Windows machine using Wubi, your Linux installation will not have access through the synaptic package manager to the Ubuntu Restricted Extras; also you will not be able to install them through the web page either.

What I did to get around this is:

1. I opened the terminal (Applications-Accessories-Terminal)
2. At the prompt type: $ sudo aptget ubuntu-restricted-extras
– This will install the restricted extras packages
3. type: sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/
– This will install dvd support to your linux system that was installed through Wubi

Now you will have a fully functional Linux system. This was tried on a Windows 7 machine.