The symptoms: Dropped calls. Missing text messages. Text messages that wouldn’t send. Voice mail messages delayed…..

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 with At&t. The cell tower is located at Cardinal and Los Reales (South of Valencia. Closest intersection is Cardinal/Valencia) (Drexel Heights area in Tucson.) I live about 1/2 mile WEST of the cell tower, and I get this blazing speed on 4G.


I was at the shopping centre today, and was about 500 feet EAST of the same cell tower. Line-of-sight The speeds are considerably different.


I was informed by At&t that the cell tower was undergoing repair and to please be patient. The issues are due to an internal interference generated by At&T equipment. The tower has now been repaired. Really? Before this fiasco, I was getting 10-12 meg download on 4G lte at home. Other places in town, I get very good speeds. At home I get neinte. I no longer have 4G lte. I don’t even have 3G.

The At&t case number is: CM 20141022_95759252

At&t said they have escalated the issue to the next level, and that I should be getting a call RSN (real soon now.) Four calls, and over 3 hours on the phone with At&t tech support…..At&t said they would have the issue resolved by November 9, 2014 when I last spoke to At&t rep Kyle Moesch (At&t id: KM904C.)

As of 2:30 pm, Tuesday November 11, 2014, the problems still persist. Substandard data rates (under 1 meg down), delayed test/voice mail messages, unable to send some text messages.

I spoke with an AT&T rep today, and the new fix date is 7 pm, Friday, November 14, 2014.

The only consistent information I can get from At&t is they keep pushing out the completion date. First it was October 25.

Everything worked fine first week of October, 2014.

“A” for effort. “F-” for resolving the issue. Why does it work great 200 feet EAST of the tower, but 1/2 mile WEST, it sucks toenails?