Yesterday, Comcast came out to install services at my next door neighbour’s home. But instead of using the utility access that was directly behind their home, they decided to create these nice trip hazards on my property instead. I complain a LOT about Comcast. Here is there latest bumbling:

Comcast Trip Hazard 1

Comcast Trip Hazard 2

Comcast Trip Hazard 3Comcast Trip Hazard 4

My 3 year old great niece is visiting from out-of-town next week, I do NOT want this there. And I do NOT want a rake over job either.

I have contacted Comcast this morning (as usual they were less than enthusiastic to help) and I have also Contacted the Arizona Corporation Commission who will send a request to them to fix this. But they have no regulatory power. Sheesh.

Update for May 6, 2015

Comcast Guy

This fellow, Manny shows up at my front door (without any prior contact) shortly after 9 am while I was shaving, to inspect the cable. Having done so, he informed me that they would have someone out to re-locate the cable. After a brief telephone call he made, he later told me someone would be out today to take care of this. Well that of course, never happened.

After Manny’s visit, I posted this sign:


If they just bury the cable, the gives Comcast an implied easement to utilise my property. Nope they must do things properly, and re-locate, and bury the cable.

I called around him around 3:15 pm to get an update, and he wasn’t sure how busy the actual person was, but it would not be today. Well we know that much is true.

About 4:30 pm, Theresa from Comcast ( (888) 966-7794 ext 3014455 ) called me to reach out and get an update. I told her that Manny had been by earlier and that I do not have any information. I gave her Manny’s contact information, and that was that.

I sent information to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department (report # T15000232) regarding the trip hazard, but they rejected it. At least I tried.

I also contacted the Drexel Heights Fire District. They did respond.


They will have one of the Battalion Chiefs come out tomorrow to take a look around for themselves. As I told them, this could prove to be fatal to firemen in the event of a fire — because it is an unknown trip hazard that really involves 3 properties.

I’ll keep you updated.