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How to change the language on an HP PSC Printer


Oh brother! (No! NOT the printer)

Talk about obscure information.

It’s easy. Once you know how. On the printer do the following:

1. Hit the setup key.

2. Enter “5” for maintenance.

3. Enter “5” again to set “Country/Language/Region”

4. Enter “11” for English.

5. Enter “1” for yes.

6. Enter “10” for USA

7. Enter “1” for yes.


Who knew?



Getting gtalk to work in Pidgin


Sometime ago, gtalk quit working in Pidgin.

This assumes you have Pidgin and the facebook chat module installed:

sudo apt-get install pidgin

If you add an account. It just never connects. At least not for me. This was the work around I found.

This is an OLD SCHOOL fix. This was straightforward for me, but it may not be for you

Here’s the word explanation:

1. Hit the advanced tab.

2. Change the port to 443.

3. Change the connect server to

4. Hit save.

And what it should look like when you are done!

Old School Gtalk Configuration for Pidgin