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Second look at Ubuntu’s Unity Interface (for Natty Narwhal) 11.04


Usually when a new release of software comes out, I am game for giving it a fair trial.

I downloaded the iso for 32 bit Natty (Ubuntu 11.04), put it on a flash drive and took it out for a test drive.

Within 3 minutes, I had broken Unity, without trying. The livecd does NOT give you the choice of Gnome or Unity. You get Unity, like it or not!

I said, well it could just be my hardware (an acer aspire netbook). So I begin to monitor things on irc (#ubuntu on freenode.net).

The horrors I am seeing! Problems with Nvidia Graphics cards, breaking Unity, menus disappearing, screens going dark, and a boatload of grub issues. And the release has been out for just over a day now.

This is absolutely the most seriously “quality challenged” issue of a major release I have ever seen.

Here’s how to change from Unity to classic Gnome in Ubuntu 11.04, just in case you have already taken the plunge.

Bottom line: If you haven’t installed Ubuntu 11.04 (natty), DON’T! You will be happy you didn’t!

At this point, I’d recommend staying with what you have already installed, or at least going to back to Ubuntu 10.04, which is an LTS (long term support) release.

Debian Squeeze (6.x) is an alternative, but it is NOT recommended for a n00b, or someone that doesn’t have a good year or so of using Linux behind them.

As always, YMMV (your mileage may vary) applies.

“And oh Auntie Em! There’s NO place like Gnome!”